Best Air Fryer Brio Oven 7 in-1 One-Touch Digital Controls

Best Air Fryer Brio Oven 7 in-1 One-Touch Digital Controls

Combining super-heated air with high-speed air circulation and a specially designed cooking chamber, the 7.25-quart NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer perfectly cooks all of your favorite fried foods quickly, efficiently, and with up to 75% fewer calories. With 1800 watts of power and a wide temperature range between 50°F and 400°F, the Brio can air fry, bake, roast, grill, and more.

About this item

  • MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ON THE FLY – Want a hotter temperature or need to cook it longer? No problem. Simply adjust on the fly. Starting the cooking process over is not necessary. Brio’s intuitive digital controls are easy to operate, and the response is immediate. Brio’s cool white display is easy-to-read in any light or no light.
  • HEALTHY FRIED FOOD & EASY CLEANUP – Brio uses super-heated air and an efficient air-flow design to cook crispy delicious fried foods without the guilt. No more messy oil-added fats or calories. Brio allows you to air fry all your favorites – even from frozen, without defrosting. The ultra-non-stick air circulation riser is great for grilling and air frying. The premium stainless steel reversible rack allows for multi-layer cooking. All are dishwasher safe, and the cleanup is a breeze.
  • 100 PRE-PROGRAMMED MENU PRESETS AND CONVENIENCES BUILT-IN – Brio is programmed with 100 pre-programmed menus presets for grilling, air frying, baking, broiling, roasting, dehydrating, reheating, defrosting, toasting and more. It’s the perfect combination of capacity and versatility. Perfect for busy households on the go!
  • LINEAR THERMAL (LINEAR T) TECHNOLOGY – Fine-tune your own temperature settings from 50 degrees to 400degree in precise 5-degree increments. Patented Linear T Technology executes the set temperature accurately throughout the entire cooking process by continuously monitoring temperature fluctuations and making constant power adjustments every second to maintain the set temperature to ensure perfect results.
  • CHEF-INSPIRED FEATURES, FUNCTIONS & RECIPES – Every feature and function of NUWAVE cooking products are created and rigorously tested by highly trained NUWAVE chefs and the RD team. We obsessed over every detail in pursuit of the best taste and performance. Get inspired and confidently create your own masterpieces. Brio is engineered to outperform your expectations.
Nuwave Brio 7 in 1 Air Fryer Oven 7.25 Qt
QT Digital Air Fryer..
QT Digital Air Fryer 1

Product Specification

Special FeatureProgrammable
Product Dimensions9″D x 9″W x 12.5″H
Capacity7.25 Quarts
dimensions11″ (L) x 10.5″ (W) x 13.5″ (H)
weight:16 lbs
voltage:120 V
wattage:700 W / 1500 W / 1800 W

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